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公司名称 : 北京睿创信桥技术有限公司  

地     址  : 北京朝阳区望京悠乐汇D座723号室

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유니컴패스 차이나는 중국에 선진의료시스템을 도입하고자 설립된 조직입니다. 


한국 유니컴패스와는 파트너 관계로 중국에 한국형 의료시스템 도입을 위해 중국 현지 상황과 비지니스 경험이 있는 인력을 중심으로 현지에 맞는 한국형 의료시스템 구축이라는 협력관계를 구축하고 있습니다. 





Unicompasss Co.,Ltd was founded by Young Jin Lee, medical consultant analyst with 20 years of medical industry experience, where medical industry suppose to become a growth engine of Korean future and patients.

Mr. Lee is certain that medical industry will become the future of new growth engine of Korea.

Through many years of conducting of medical related businesses such as hospital set up consulting, hospital management consulting, eqipment trading & system digitalization, Mr.Lee has built a strong company which is greatly contributing to the Korean medical industry and its growth. At the same time he is striving compatibility, coopertaion for further growth and mutual success.




Footstep of godness around the world




Team of excellence experience upon knowledge




Value creation for people




Unicompass Co.,Ltd specializes at industrializing Korea the best medical technologies, hospital facility construction, hospital setup consultation, exporting of medical equipment and attracting of international patients.





The company consists of 4 sectors:

Medical consulting, Medical equipment, Hospital facility construction, Hospital education.